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Who wins the ‘Ivan Tolpe’ Award 2019?

21 maart 2018

The Flemish Coordination Centre for Manure Processing (VCM) organizes the third edition of the ‘Ivan Tolpe’ Award. This award is handed out every two years to the participant proposing an innovative technique contributing to the sustainability and cost-efficiency of manure processing. It is a homage to Ivan Tolpe, a West-Flemish pioneer in manure processing who unfortunately deceased in 2013.

Who wins the ‘Ivan Tolpe’ Award 2019?

See what you can win!

The aim of the ‘Ivan Tolpe’ Award is to develop and support innovative, promising techniques, in order to maintain the leading role of Flanders in manure processing. The selection of nominees is done by a professional jury with expertise in Flemish manure treatment. The members of VCM will decide ultimately who will win the award.

The winner will be rewarded with the ‘Ivan Tolpe’ Award of €2000 and the possibility to elaborate the project during the fourth International ‘Manuresource’ conference that will take place in 2019. The award ceremony, which will take place in the beginning of 2019, will get a lot of press attention, so your idea will be spread out broadly.

Click here for more information on the winner of the second Ivan Tolpe Award.

Do you have an innovative idea?

Do not hesitate to send the filled in application form, before Friday October 26th 2018, to info@vcm-mestverwerking.be!

Also initiatives from outside Flanders are welcome. The application form can be submitted in Dutch, French or English.

Download the application form

Download the competition regulation