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VCM vzw
Abdijbekestraat 9
B-8200 Brugge
tel. +32 (0)50 407 201
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VCM hereby grants you the right to use the material on this site solely for personal and non-commercial use, to display this and to download same. This under the reserve that you include all the copyright and other proprietary notations in any copy whatsoever of the original material.
Notwithstanding the textual and imagery content of the site with which the greatest care has been taken, the materials, information and services as depicted on this site are as such supplied, without any guarantee whatsoever in respect of the marketability, suitability for a specific aim or non-infringement of the intellectual proprietary rights. The material and services as portrayed on this site may be dated and not anymore correspond with current information. All the mentioned properties and/ or prices/ tariffs are given for information purposes only and this without any contractual commitment or obligation of whatever nature.
All product or company names, logos and images as mentioned or depicted on this site may be the trademarks/ brand names of their respective proprietary owners and are required to be treated as such.
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Links on this site which point to other sites only have as purpose to further inform the user thereof.VCM will not be held accountable for the content of these sites and can in no manner whatsoever be held liable for the information, of whatever content or nature, offered by these sites. If the user decides to make use of these links, then he/ she will do so at own responsibility and at own risk.
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It is permitted to make links from other sites to this site. This solely in as far as the company ofVCM does not suffer material damage or financial loss. This is also the only manner in which material may be copied from this site without prior written approval to do so. The direct copying or replication of information or other content without due appropriate mention, or in the event of a Webpage link to the original source, is not permitted.
VCM respects your privacy:
VCM attaches great importance to the personal privacy of users. Albeit that most of the information on this site is made available without personal data having to be extended, it may be that the user will be requested to furnish personal information. In this event, the information as given will as such be handled and treated in agreement with the provisions as laid down in the law of 8 December 1992 regarding the processing of personal data. Pursuant to the provisions of this law, the user has the right to peruse all information in his/ her name, to change and to delete in accordance with the prescribes as stipulated in the law. The user can, free of charge and on request, at all times oppose the use of its data in respect of direct marketing. Only where he/ she completes a form on this Website with his/ her personal data or places an order, the acquirer or person who has extended personal information authorisesVCM as such to undertake the processing of his/ her personal data in order to use this for internal administrative purposes. Under "internal administrative purposes" there is implied that of customer administration, the administration of orders, deliveries, invoicing, services, the observance of solvability, as well as that of marketing and personalised publicity. In the event of the use of the users personal information (e.g. e-mail) for direct marketing purposes, he/ she has the right to at whatever moment, free of charge and without stating the reason therefor, to oppose the further such use of the information as extended at an earlier point in time. VCM will undertake all that which is possible to protect the security and the confidential character of your data and to take action against each change or modification, vitiation, distribution or unauthorised access to the data. For further information, the customer should refer to the Public Register which is maintained by the Commissie voor de Bescherming van de Persoonlijke Levenssfeer (Commission for the Protection of Data Privacy).
Each dispute in respect of the site ofVCM falls under the application of the legislation of the laws of Belgium. In the event of a dispute, solely the courts of the district whereVCM is legally registered will be competent to adjudicate.

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