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VCM (Flemish Coordination Centre for Manure Processing) is the primary contact point for manure processing in Flanders. VCM has a coordinating role between the government and the sector, as it is an intermediary platform and a partnership between both parties.

EstablishmentVCM was established in 1996 as an unincorporated association. In 2003 VCM continued as a nonprofit organisation and became the main platform for manure processing in Flanders.
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EstablishmentVCM is an intermediary platform between the government and the manure processing sector and counts among its members both parties of the Flemish government, the Flemish provinces and the private sector. 
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ObjectivesThe mission of VCM is to support sustainable manure processing activities in Flanders, by informing the government and the sector on all aspects related to manure processing and stimulating and coordinating consultation.
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Objectives VCM has a unique structure. The VCM-members are representated in the General Meeting, the Board and the Executive Board
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