Accessibility office in Bruges

E40 coming from Ghent direction Oostende: take Exit 9 Oostkamp towards Bruges. At the roundabout (Europa-plein) turn right towards Bruges. Go straight on at the next roundabout and turn right at the next roundabout. Go straight ahead at the traffic lights and cross the bridge. You are now on the Baron Ruzettelaan. At the end of the lane (100 meters before the Katelijnepoort) is the Katelijne Business Center on your right.

E40 coming from Ostend to Ghent: Exit 8: Bruges (Kinepolis), direction Sint-Michiels and Station. Follow the road until you go under the railway (about 2 km). At the roundabout you take the right lane direction Knokke. Across the canal bridge at the traffic lights immediately turn right towards Oostkamp to the Baron Ruzettelaan. The offices of VCM are located across the road. Return to the other side of the road to reach the visitor parking.

A17 / E403: Take the A17 / E403 straight ahead and drive towards Bruges - Zeebrugge. Then the route as described above (E40, exit 8).


Before the lights on the Baron Ruzettelaan, turn right into the Vestingstraat. On your left you will find the underground visitor parking.
You can park on the parking -2 (at parking signs Flexbox). You leave the parking through 'entrance building 1 and 3'. Take the elevator to floor 0 and come directly to the entrance of our building. VCM is on the ground floor (see signage).

The offices of VCM are 1 km (or 12 min by foot) from the station of Bruges. You leave the station at the front (the side of track 1) and cross the Stationsplein. At the end of the Stationsplein turn right (towards the Buiten Begijnenvest). Follow this road and get on the high bridge (on the Ghent-Bruges-Ostend canal). The road is called Buiten Katelijnevest. Cross over the bridge at the traffic lights. You have now arrived at the Baron Ruzettelaan. The offices of VCM are located across the street in the Katelijne Business Center. Our offices are located in building 1.

Passengersof the city line 2 Bruges Center - Station - Katelijneparking - A.Z. Sint-Lucas - Assebroek (Oude Stelplaats) can use the bus stops Bruges Ter lake, located in the Vrijheidstraat, and Bruges Katelijnepoort, located in the Buiten Katelijnevest.
The passengers of line 20 Bruges - Oostkamp and 21 Bruges - Zwevezele - Tielt can use the bus stop Wantestraat, located in the Baron Ruzettelaan.
On the 'Buiten Gentpoortvest' at the stop Brugge Katelijnepoort (nr. 57118) the lines stop with no. 2 (Assebroek - Sint-Lucas - Station - Centrum), no. 10 (Sint-Kruis church - Assebroek Bloso - Station), no. 11 Sint-Kruis Mariawende - Assebroek Peerdeke - Station) nr. 20 (Oostkamp - Bruges), no. 21 (Tielt-Zwevezele Brugge), no. 58 (Ghent - Eeklo -Brugge Station), no. 62 (Middelburg - Moerkerke - Bruges), no. 63 (Knesselare (Ursel) - Beernem - Bruges).