Systemic large scale eco-innovation to advance circular economy and mineral recovery from organic waste in Europe

Horizon2020 project running from June 2017 until 2021.


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Drivers and Goals

SYSTEMIC aims to give a boost to the implementation of circular economy solutions for manure, sewage sludge and food waste through the implementation of nutrient recovery and reuse (NRR) technologies. Thereby, the project aims to reduce our reliance on non-renewable resources such as phosphate rock, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) associated with the production of synthetic fertilizers and to reduce GHG emissions associated with transport of bio waste.


SYSTEMIC in a nutshell

SYSTEMIC includes five large-scale Demonstration Plants which will advance their current treatment process through the implementation of novel nutrient recycling and recover (NNR) technologies. Thereby, these plants will demonstrate the practical feasibility and commercial viability of NRR from organic waste streams. Throughout a monitoring campaign, the demonstration plants will generate data on mass- and energy balances, technical performance, product quality, product prices and feed tariffs and premiums etc. These data will be used to evaluate the technical, economic and environmental performance of the AD plants and the implemented NRR technologies. The outcomes will be used to develop a technical NRR model and a Business Development Package (WP1,2,3). 

Throughout the project, SYSTEMIC will identify emerging innovation barriers  and translate these into policy recommendations, thereby facilitating further expansion of Circular Economy solutions for biowaste (WP4).

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VCM as a partner

The developed models will be used to expand the project's impact to other AD plants in Europe. 

VCM will be involved in finding 10 AD plants all over Europe, intersted in learning from the demo plants, each other and willing to provide insight in the drivers and bottlenecks for implementing nutrient recovery and supplying technical and economical information.

A market survey in each outreach location will study marketing opportunities for several end products.Together will DLV - United Experts the NRR model and Business Development Package will be tested on the outreach locations.

Joint forces form the Systemic consortium and the plant owners will lead to the development of business cases for recovery and reuse of nutrients at the selected outreach plants.