The realization of manure processing requires great efforts from both the sector and the government. It is up to VCM, as a platform between the government and the business community, to facilitate the required efforts of both.

VCM achieves this by performing the following main tasks:

  • The initiation and coordination of structural and thematic consultations between the government and the sectors involved
  • Performing policy supporting work via, among other things:
    • Preforming studies on certain themes such as innovative manure and digestate processing techniques;
    • Listing the bottlenecks concerning manure processing
    • The annual set up of a study on the evolution of the operational and available manure processing capacity in Flanders (VCM survey).
  • The development of a knowledge center with regard to all aspects of manure processing, with a special focus on the maximum valorisation of nutrients from manure and residual flows in manure processing.
  • General information transfer via brochures, website, electronic newsletter, social media, study days, press releases, visits to practical installations, etc.
  • International cooperation: through participation in European project activities (Interreg, Horizon2020, ...), inform other member states with manure surpluses about Flemish manure processing, organization of an international conference ManuREsource, participation in international exchanges, etc.
  • Informing all those involved by giving independent first-line advice about:
    • the choice of technology;
    • to supply guidance and understanding in the various legislations with regard to recognition, processing obligation, transport, export and sale of end products.

VCM is supported by a large variety of members. Thanks to this structure, VCM can guarantee its independent position.