Flemish Coordination centre for Manure processing

Flemish Coordination centre for Manure processing

Welcome to the central point of contact for manure processing in Flanders!

VCM is a partnership between government and business and has a coordinating role between these actors. 



The Interreg project ‘NITROMAN’ wants to investigate in the Flemish-Dutch border region whether mineral fertilizers can be extracted from the available manure surpluses. This would allow manure surpluses from local livestock farms to be processed on site into fertilizers for agriculture. The project focuses on the processing of liquid manure fraction from pig and cattle manure. NITROMAN wants to recover considerable amounts of nitrogen, potassium and water through two innovative techniques from this liquid manure fraction. Nitrogen and potassium can then be used as fertilizer in agriculture. The Latin term for nitrogen is ‘nitrogenium’. Hence, the project was given the name NITROMAN.

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ManuREsource 2021

The fifth edition of ManuREsource was organized from 24-26 November in 's Hertogenbosch (The Netherlands).

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