Ivan Tolpe Prijs - Manure processing innovation award

The Flemish Coordination Centre for Manure Processing (VCM) (Belgium) hands out every two years the ‘Ivan Tolpe Prijs', an award for innovation in manure processing. This price is handed out to the participant proposing an innovative technique contributing to the processing of manure in a more sustainable and cost-efficient way. It is a homage to Ivan Tolpe, a pioneer in manure processing from West-Flanders. Since the second edition in 2017, also participants from abroad can join the competition,  but the concept must of course be applicable in the Flemish context.

Ivan Tolpe was a farmer and entrepreneur managing 7 pig farms and 3 manure treatment installations. In 2013 he passed away after a tragic farm accident. As a homage to this pioneer and driving force in the sector, VCM has launched the ‘Ivan Tolpe’ price.

The aim is to develop and support innovative, promising techniques in order to give manure processing in Flanders a lasting pioneering role.