ManuREsource is an international conference organized by the Flemisch Coordination Centre for Manure Processing, Ghent University and Inagro. More information about these organisations is given below.

  • Flemish Coordination Centre for Manure Processing (VCM) is the primary contact point for all aspects related to manure processing in Flanders. VCM is an independent intermediary platform between the government and the manure processing sector. The mission of VCM is to support sustainable manure processing activities in Flanders, by informing the government and the sector on all aspects related to manure processing and stimulating and coordinating consultation.
  • The Ghent University lab of Analytical Chemistry and Applied Environmental Chemistry is specialized in nutrient management and nutrient processing in water treatment, manure processing, anaerobic digestion and agro-industrial processes in general. As such, the lab of Analytical Chemistry and Applied Environmental Chemistry has a broad view on chemical nutrient composition, concentrations and availability in manure, digestate and their derivatives. Furthermore Ghent University has a great expertise in economical valorization possibilities in the field of nutrient recuperation.
  • Inagro’s  ambition is to be a lead knowledge center on agriculture through applied scientific research. We aim to distribute independent and objective information to agro-professionals, the community and different policy levels. The main topics Inagro works on are feed, food, fuel, fibre, biodiversity, pharmacy and biorefinery. Quality and innovation are within this context our priorities.
  • The fifth edition of ManuREsource will be organized in collaboration with NCM, the Dutch Center of Expertise for valorization of manure, who acts as local parter for the organization of this Dutch edition of ManuREsource. Dutch Center of Expertise for valorization of manure (NCM) is a partnership between the national and regional governements, the agriculture and the agribusiness in the Netherlands. NCM is the central Dutch center of expertise in the field of processing and valorisation of manure. Thanks to the cooperation and the joint spot on the horizon, NCM contributes to more sustainable and economically better initiatives for manure valorisation. In this way, the NCM contributes to circular agriculture and the agricultural sector becomes more sustainable and competitive.

The Organizing Committee of ManuREsource is supported by 3PT Consult, founded by Philippe Tavernier, in the previous editions of ManuREsource representing POM West-Flanders.

Organizing partners