ManuREsource 2021 in 2022

The postponed edition of ManuREsource 2021 was organized on 11 and 12 May 2022 in ‘s Hertogenbosch (NL) at the Agri&Food Plaza, headquarters of ZLTO, the Southern Dutch farmers organisation, and HAS University of applied sciences! On Friday 13 May 2022 a facultative field trip with exclusive site visits to 3 local manure processing installations was organized (Eco-Energy in Oirschot, Ecoson in Son and Groenewoud Gas in Sint-Oedenrode).

The Organizing Committee of ManuREsource would like to thank sponsors, speakers, deligates,... for their flexibility and understanding when it was decided to postpone ManuREsource 2021 a few weeks before the conference would have taken place.


We were allowed to share a video in which Flemish Member of the European Parlaiment Tom Vandenkendelaere shares his visions on future manure management and especially nutrient recovery from manure. This video was used in the plenary program of ManuREsource. The video is in Dutch, but English subtitles are available.

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During the parallel sessions, contributions from specific European projects (Horizon 2020 Systemic, Horizon 2020 Nutri2cycle, Horizon 2020 Fertimanure, PPS NL Next Level Mestverwaarden, PPS NL Betere Stal, Betere Mest, Betere Oogst and Interreg VL-NL NITROMAN) were discussed.

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