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ManuREsource International Conference 2019

It is with great pleasure that we announce the fourth edition of the ManuREsource conference. We invite you on Wednesday 27 and Thursday 28 November in Hasselt, Belgium! A facultative field trip with exclusive site visits to local manure processing installations will be organised on Friday 29 November 2019.

The fourth edition of ManuREsource will be organized in collaboration with NCM, the Dutch Centre of Expertise for Manure Valorization.

Towards a Circular Economy

On European level, nutrient recovery from manure is high on the agenda. Different member states also emphasize the importance of nutrient recovery from manure and circular agriculture as a whole. For example, in Flanders, the Minister of Environment, Nature and Agriculture Joke Schauvliege stated in her policy note to stimulate nutrient recovery from manure. Similarly, in the vision note published by Carola Schouten, Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food quality in the Netherlands, the closing of agricultural nutrient cycles on regional, or if not possible on (inter)national level, is described as an essential part of the Dutch agriculture in the future.

However, the Position Paper of ManuREsource 2017, organised at Eindhoven (The Netherlands) and welcoming 230 participants from 28 countries, proved there are still bottlenecks hindering the nutrient and material recovery from manure whilst ensuring economic viability and environmental protection.

Things are moving...

We are pleased to see that, since 2017, different things are moving, f.e. the publication of the new Fertiliser Regulation and the launch of the “SAFEMANURE” study. Both DG GROW and DG ENVI confirmed their presence and will present the Fertiliser Regulation and SAFEMANURE, respectively.



Fourth edition

During ManuREsouce 2019, the remaining challenges in the transition of the manure management will be tackled with the different international stakeholders involved in manure management and valorisation.

On 27 November, a panel discussion will be organized focusing on manure as a sustainable resource and as a key towards a sustainable food production. The panel represent research (WUR), policy (Lombardia region, Italy), mineral (YARA) and organic (Fertikal) fertilizer industry, the anaerobic digestion sector (FEBA) and businesses involved in marketing and sales of fruit and vegetable (GroentenFruitHuis). On 28 november 2019, round table discussions on the central topic on nutrient recycling from manure will take place.

During the two days conference, the results of the JRC study ‘SAFEMANURE’ and the newly approved fertilizer regulation will be presented. Also the progress of the revision of the Flemish BAT-document on manure processing and nutrient recycling techniques will be shared with the audience, best practices and technologies for nutrient recovery and circular economy in the Baltic Sea Region will be synthetized as well as testimonials from installations and projects working towards a circular economy will be given.

On 29 November, we will visit two installations, Arbio in Arendonk and Biogas Bree in Bree.

Enjoy this great opportunity to get to know the players in the field of manure management and valorisation from all over the world during the fourth edition of this International conference!

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