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bioden: progress towards a closed nutrient cycle
15 mei 2023
The main innovation goal of the BioDEN project is to realise an extensive valorisation of the nitrogen- and phosphorus-rich digestate originating from anaerobic digestion into existing and new bio-bas ...
start of the ivan tolpe award 2023
30 november 2022
Every two years, the Flemish Coordination Centre for Manure Processing (VCM) organises the 'Ivan Tolpe prize for innovation in manure processing'. This prize has already been awarded four times to a p ...
h2020 project systemic starts with webinars
22 april 2020
The SYSTEMIC project aims to demonstrate how nutrient recovery from digestate is possible on a large scale. For this, 5 European digesters with extensive digestate processing were studied in detail. ...
request for information from biogas plants on treatment of digestate
14 mei 2019
By completing this survey, you can win an invitation (hotel costs and dinner included) to one of the SYSTEMIC Living Lab meetings in 2019-2021.
flemish biogas plant owner wins third ‘ivan tolpe award’ with innovative water and nutrient recovery concept
15 februari 2019
Tim Keysers, owner of the biogas plant Arbio BVBA in Antwerp, has won the Ivan Tolpe Award 2019 with this project ‘NPirriK’. The Ivan Tolpe Award, the Flemish Coordination Centre for Manure Process ...