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ivan tolpe award laureate almost ready for full-scale application
03 april 2018
In 2017, Fraunhofer IGB won with the BioEcoSim project the second Ivan Tolpe Award, a homage to the late Ivan Tolpe, a pioneer in manure processing from West-Flanders. Since then, a mobile unit for ph ...
who wins the ‘ivan tolpe’ award 2019?
21 maart 2018
The Flemish Coordination Centre for Manure Processing (VCM) organizes the third edition of the ‘Ivan Tolpe’ Award. This award is handed out every two years to the participant proposing an innovative t ...
exploring opportunities for nutrient recovery from manure, biowaste and sludge
27 februari 2018
Last week, representatives of fifteen biowaste treatment plants came together in Amsterdam to discuss possibilities for nutrient recovery and reuse from manure, sewage and biowaste. The meeting was or ...