VCM created in 1996

The Flemish Coordination Center for Manure Processing (VCM) was established in June 1996 at the initiative of the Province of West Flanders and the GOM - West Flanders. VCM was given the status of an actual association for a period of 7 years. Eleven members participated in the VCM: the ALT, AMINAL, Aveve, Bemefa, Boerenbond, the Manure Bank and the five Flemish provinces. The GOM - West Flanders provided the secretary of the VCM.

The objectives of the VCM were to organize consultation between the various actors in the manure problem so that a practically applicable policy for manure processing could be elaborated. In addition, VCM was responsible for coordinating, supporting and stimulating initiatives regarding manure processing.

VCM as non-profit organization

At the end of the foreseen seven years, the need for an intermediary organization for coordination between the government and the business community remained acute. As a result, efforts were made to continue the activities of VCM.

In order to guarantee more continuity in operations, to approach a broader range of actors and to involve members more actively in the operation, it was decided in 2003 to continue working under a non-profit status. The GOM (now POM West-Flanders), Bemefa (now BFA), the Farmers' Union, the Manure Bank and the Province of West Flanders were the founding members of the non-profit organization.

In 2003 and the following years, many organizations that had common ground with manure processing became members of VCM: the government departments involved, the manure processors, the energy sector, the financial institutions, the consultancy sector, the various sector organizations and the constructors. In 2004 VCM also initiated the establishment of the sector organization 'the manure processors' to officially co-operate with and between the various manure processors.