International Scientific Committee

Submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the International Scientific Committee. This is a Committee composed of experts in het field of Manure management and valorization. In the table below, you find all the members of this committee with their organization.

Name Organization Land
Willy Verstraete Ghent University Belgium
Lise Appels KUL Belgium
Bart Vandecasteele ILVO Belgium
Georges Hofman Ghent University Belgium
Gerard Velthof WUR The Netherlands
Marie Line Daumer IRSTEA France
August Bonmati-Blasi GIRO Unitat mixta IRTA-UPC Spain
Sergio Piccinini CRPA Italy
Oscar Schoumans WUR The Netherlands
Oene Oenema WUR The Netherlands
Fabrizio Adani Gruppo Ricicla Italy
Celine Vaneeckhaute Laval University Canada
Romke Postma NMI The Netherlands
Ludwig Hermann Proman Austria
Victor Riau IRTA Spain
Bernhard Wern IZES Germany
Lars Stoumann Jensen University of Copenhagen Denmark