Site visits

On Friday 29 November 2019, two manure treatment installations will be visited.

Busses will leave in Hasselt around 8 o'clock. More information about the time schedule will be distributed as soon as possible. The participants will be divided in two groups to visit alternately Biogas Bree and Arbio. The two groups will meet for lunch. The lunch will therefore be in a still to be decided location in between Arendonk and Bree.




Arbio bvba (Arendonk, Belgium) is a biogas plant located in Arendonk, in the province of Antwerp. The digesters are fed with 55,000 ton of manure (7000 ton manure from their own farm) and 35,000 ton of food industry waste per year. The digestate is treated in different steps, including a nutrient recuperation step based on membrane filtration. The operator won the Ivan Tolpe Prijs (Award for innovation in manure processing) in  2019 with the NPirrK project. Arbio is also an associated plant in the Systemic project. 


Biogas Bree

Biogas Bree (Bree, Belgium) is a biogas plant in the province of Limburg, receiving pig slurry from pig farmers in a radius of 20 km. The manure is 30% of the total amount of feedstock yearly processed. All animal manure is treated in a separate line without contamination with the anaerobic digestion of organic biological waste. The treatment capacity 85.000 tonnes/year. The heat from the CHP is used to evaporate the manure and to dry the digestate. Biogas Bree is an outreach plant in the Systemic project and is looking for new nutrient recovery technologies. During the visit, more information will be given on the planned fluid bed dryer and the unique granulation process. The latter offers new market possibilities of the treated digestate. Biogas Bree is also involved in the UNIR project, looking for the break through of ammoniumsulfate from biogas installations and air scrubbers as replacement for mineral fertilizers, by means of central storage, homoginisation, filtration and optimalisation of the application technique.